Coaching is About You

One of the best basketball coaches I had was “Luck”. His last name was Luckman and he had written “Luck” on all his basketballs he brought to practice. It was just natural to call him “Luck” instead of coach. He was a real coach. There was no yelling and telling us what we “should” do he focused on what we could do.

In the first practices he was taking notes on the strengths of each of his players. He would talk to us about where on the floor our favorite four shots were and then design plays that took advantage of our power shots. He looked for the rebounders, the passers, the screen setters and the defensive players. We played to our strengths and though not a team of exceptionally talented players we won consistently. The result was a team that was fun to play on and we played the championship games in our league.

Sports coaching is a very specific field and from “Luck” we learned to be not just better players and teammates but to be better people as well. Life and business coaching is all about empowering others to be the best they can and want to be in life and businesses.

Identifying your strengths, your dreams, goals and what you want reflecting your values is the beginning process in coaching. Based on this discovery process one discovers what they want to be in life. The synergy between you and your coach provides a collaboration to empower you to grow, develop and celebrate your successes.

This is why is coaching so popular.  It is not about what “you should” and being told what to do. Coaching is about you. Individuals want to accomplish their hopes, dreams and goals, feeling confident while building meaningful lives, relationships and businesses. Coaching provides the framework to achieve your goals in life and business.

You can try out coaching and see if it works for you. The MCA Coach has an Introductory Coaching Skills Package that provides you the framework for coaching and a Discovery Plus session to give you the tools and support for the life you want to experience.

We love what we do and we want you to love what you do too.

Why Coaching is So Popular

Appointment Booking with Ease

Appointment Booking with Ease