Interactive is Coaching

We know that the skills which achieve success and moving forward in life, relationships and business are best learned in an interactive environment – coaching is one of those learning situations. Coaching is an engaging and interactive collaboration supporting you to realize your life, dreams, goals resulting in your success.

Have you lost count of the number of seminars and workshops you have attended? I did a long time ago. I gained information and methods that have helped me in my life, relationships and business. There comes a point where it was not more information or knowledge that I needed. I needed focus on what is essential, what is important, where am I going and how do I get there. The need for insight becomes a high priority. Research has shown that interactive learning is one of the best ways for gaining knowledge and life skills.

The interactive process in coaching starts with discovery. Gaining insight into your life, relationships and business is the beginning in how to apply that knowledge. Discovery is where coaching begins the interactive process between you and your coach to gain insight. These insights provide you the basis to affirm your personal values and identify goals that reflect your values.

From your values and goals you move forward, you get unstuck from a situation, self-defeating thinking and the “shoulds”. Those things that you say to yourself or others say that you should do. You gain confidence in your direction. This does come by someone lecturing to you but by your own discovery.  You own the process because the process reflects who you really are and want to be.

Coaching is worth checking out. The MCA Coach offers an Introductory Coaching Skills Interactive Course with a Discovery Plus Coaching Session.  You have everything to gain. Sign up for The MCA Coaching Skills and taking the initiative will provide you a cause for celebration.

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