That Looks About Right

When one thinks of all the precision that it takes for a plane to fly, it might be hard to believe that TLAR – “That Looks About Right” can be a part of flying.

In the case of pilots, Sullenberger and Skiles, it is TLAR that they used to land US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River with no loss of life. 

“Ultimately, they pulled off the “Miracle on the Hudson” — ditching with no fatalities and no major injuries. The pilots skillfully missed bridges and steered toward operating boats on the icy water to maximize the chance of rescue. They didn’t have time to make precise calculations. They didn’t have the guidance of a localizer or glideslope. Their primary resource was the view out the windscreen.” (Check out the complete article at Flying Magazine "Why Learning To Fly By TLAR Is Important")

The pilots could not do this landing perfectly. There is no perfect way to land a large jet in a river! However, based on their extensive training and experience they could use TLAR - “That Looks About Right”.

Though perfection and precision is important, as we live our lives, we soon realize that not everything or everyone (including ourselves) is perfect. We soon learn that making the best of life, of our situation, our careers and our relationships is a gift.

Coaching is the process of using your training and life experiences to discover your dreams & goals. As you identify the challenges, you put energy into what will move you forward and celebrate your success – even if it is not perfect. Coaching is focused on your strengths and moving forward in your life.

Through the coaching process you learn to use your experience and skills to have the life that you want. It is about getting it right (for you), but not necessarily perfect.

Though you may not know everything to move forward perfectly without challenges, you can move towards what seems best and take action.

Steps in a TLAR – “That Looks About Right” - Coaching Process:

1.     Identify Your Goals and Dreams. This is flying in perfect weather, in a plane that is working flawlessly, landing at your destination on time with your luggage.

2.     Anticipate Your Challenges. What is keeping you from your destination? When life is less than perfect, how can you overcome your obstacles?

3.     Continue Forward Movement. What steps can you take to move forward? What life experience or skills do you have that can help you in this situation?

4.     Take Action. Pilots Sullenberger and Skiles did not have the time to check manuals, get other pilot perspectives about what to do, or discuss options with air traffic control. They had to take action that seemed as the best option at the time. It is better to take that step forward with “that looks about right” instead of trying to do it perfectly.

5.     Celebrate Your Progress and Successes!

The role of a life and business coach is empower you as you walk through this process. You may be interested in having a coach or becoming a coach. To talk about your options contact me at and check out our coach training programs.

All the best in the New Year!



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