Being Enriched

Being Enriched

We think of being enriched in two ways – having abundant material goods, and of virtues, wisdom and a full life. The blessing of being enriched is to be generous. Its curse is when we are enriched, yet keep it all to ourselves.

We know that people who live generous lives of sharing their earthly goods and wisdom are healthier and feel better about themselves. Generosity promotes better physical health and alleviates fear. Benefits of Generosity This is the enriched life.

As a part of my job I enjoy, I was recently researching a new foundation. I got to see a great picture of living the enriched life and generosity in action. Bob Woodruff was critically injured while on a news assignment in Iraq. One can imagine all the choices he and his family could have made due to this near death experience. They chose the enriched life by starting a foundation to support wounded veterans Bob Woodruff Foundation.

We can all live an enriched life - feeling abundant no matter what the situation or level of wealth.

You have so much to give and may not realize it.

When you think about your life experience, and how you; managed to get through a crisis, increased the net revenue for a commercial or community benefit organization, supported a friend through a challenging time, gave a donation to others in need while diminishing your own goods, or provided for others who needed your help, you begin to realize the enriching moments in your life.

Often when we realize what enriches our lives, we may find we want to support those around us. Life and business coaching could be a means for you to enrich the lives of others. The opportunity to walk clients through the coaching process, as they move forward in their lives, is a fulfilling privilege.

To help enrich your life and the lives of others, you can experience the life coaching process in an Introductory Coaching Skills session.

The value of taking the Introductory Coaching Skills session:

1.     You want to move forward in your life and know you have roadblocks to overcome. You want to identify what you want in your life and see if coaching will help you.

2.     You would like to be part of enriching and empowering the lives of others. You would like to explore coaching as a way to assist others in moving forward.

3.     The positive, interactive 90 minute online session sounds like a way for you to find out about what coaching is all about.

We look forward to meeting you in an upcoming MCA Life Coaching Skills individual session.

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