The Richness of the Holiday Season

The Richness of the Holiday Season

The richness of the Holiday Season has nothing to do with money. Really, the opposite is true. If a person is wrapped up in the money of the season, either spending or receiving, they miss out on the richness of this time of year.

We quickly jump to thinking about “Richness” in terms of money.  The word does have “rich” in it so it is an easy jump. Oxford Dictionaries define richness as “The state of existing in or containing plentiful quantities of something desirable.”

We can enjoy the non-money, richness of the Holiday Season by taking a couple of steps that will not cost us anything.

1.     The starting point for enjoying the richness of the Holiday Season is to discover what and who enriches your life. When is it you feel most at peace?  Who are you with when you feel you are mutually sharing life?

2.     Set aside time to enrich your life. Your enriching time is not just going to happen. You will want to intentionally schedule time for what makes you feel most at peace. It may be time on your own or with that person(s) whom you enrich and they enrich you.

3.     Celebrate the wonders of the Holiday season by feeling enriched.  There is a wonder in being rich without having to spend anything.

We at The MCA Coach wish you all of the best of the Holiday Season!

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