Authenticity Not Perfection is Needed in Becoming a Life Coach

Often people considering becoming life coaches question themselves, wondering if they need to be perfect or have a perfect life to be in this profession. Do they need to have a specific personality, outlook or set of strengths? Is ideal lifestyle, in-depth personal or professional experience, right weight (especially for those specializing in wellness), or other circumstances required before taking life coach training?

The answer is absolutely not. Instead, authenticity is the key.

The perfection of life coaching comes when life coaches are authentic and true to themselves, working toward the lives they envision. This is the basis for being able to fully support their clients in achieving what is most desired.

Because most clients are working hard inside and out to create the lives they desire, they need to trust their own coach. This can only happen through authenticity. Trying to be perfect as a life coach can instead feel like criticism to a client.

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to become a life coach, know that what you bring to each session is your own outlook and unique set of strengths and skills. Your authenticity is the key.

Overall, life coaches are a diverse group of individuals dedicated to supporting others in achieving fulfilling and meaningful futures. Though life coaches will want to be moving forward with their own goals while designing the lives they desire, perfection is only the process of being able to change, grow and positively support themselves and others.

As a life coach, you have the advantage of building your practice over time and per your own schedule. Whether using coaching skills in your current profession, seeing individual clients on a part or full time basis, leading life coaching groups or a combination of coaching services may be what you envision for your future as a life coach.

If you would like to find out more about life, wellness or business coaching, or get together to talk about training options, please email I look forward to connecting with you!


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