Life Coaching: One of the Fastest Growing Careers

Life coaching has recently become one of the fast growing careers. Whether working with clients personally or professionally, life coaching is also one of the most positive and rewarding professions to enter. Focusing on the potential of others, you have the ability to see your own career flourish.

As life coaching clients, individuals want to accomplish their hopes, dreams and goals, feeling confident while building meaningful lives and relationships. As a result, more and more people are looking to life coaches for expert support in reaching their goals.

In the field of life coaching, an independent study produced by IBISWorld revealed the growth of the profession will continue to increase over the next 5+ years. With high-income clients furthering the demand for life coaching, life coaches will continue to see their profession thrive.

As positions for life coaches show up more regularly on job sites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired, the need for professionals will progressively expand. With increased visibility and a continuing demand from consumers, life coaching will proceed rapidly ahead.

As a full-time life coach or as a professional using life coaching skills to elevate your current career, there is unlimited potential for how you can benefit. With varying pay scales from $20 per hour to $150 or more, you can set your own pricing according to your experience and results produced for each client.

Though life coaching as a career category is not yet listed with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, similar professions such as counsellors and consultants show a positive median income of $53, 610 per year with a per hour rate of $25.77. Given many life coaches currently work part-time, this additional revenue is a great place to start.

Because life coaching is most often provided by solo entrepreneurs, endless opportunities for increasing secondary income and starting your own full or part time business abound. Life and work balance creates life the way you want with flexible hours, increased hourly pay and low overhead for new coaching practices to flourish.

To be in on the wave of growth in a profession, seeing the upcoming need and being in a position to participate is something most people dream of experiencing. It is what is happening in the field of life coaching. Right now you can be part of the profession of life coaching for yourself and for your future clients.

If you would like to set up a time to get together to talk about how life coaching as a career may be an option for you, please email I look forward to meeting with you!

Authenticity Not Perfection is Needed in Becoming a Life Coach

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