Stepping Ahead with Wellness While Giving Back

Though I joined my first STEPtember* nonprofit team a couple a years ago, I was recently inspired by another participant to increase my steps and wellness in the process. She recently quit smoking and used walking as a way to fill in time that used to be set aside for smoke breaks. Thinking about her commitment, I was inspired to go a little further and do a bit more with what I could accomplish, too.

Because it can often be difficult to get started, maintain and stay motivated with health, fitness and wellness goals, sometimes having another goal besides losing weight or getting in shape can help.

One of the best ways I have found to gain external motivation for wellness goals is through joining a nonprofit’s events in the form of personal and team competition. While contributing to a good cause, there is the added benefit of having the comradery of other participants while impacting personal wellness goals.

Many nonprofit organizations have various events, like STEPtember* to allow people to get involved in a physical way while contributing to a good cause. By looking for organizations you might like to support, you may be able to step ahead with wellness goals while giving back.

* STEPtember is an event to raise funds for cerebral palsy with each participant committing to do the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day during the month of September. Here’s a link to my donation page where you can also scroll to learn more

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