You Can Do Something Rewarding

What gives most people the feeling of doing something rewarding?

I wonder what the first thing is that came to your mind. Sometimes nothing comes to mind. The daily-ness of life can be all-consuming. We can feel that trying to find what would be rewarding is like trying to grab the wind. We know it is there, we can feel its force, but we cannot grab it and hold on.

We settle for what needs to get done.

No doubt - we need to get things done. However, we also have an inborn desire to be fulfilled. Just getting things done often does not satisfy that inner desire.

What kind of things are rewarding?  I think this is an easier question to answer.  What comes to my mind are things like completing an important project at work with good results, looking after my family, and taking care of my health so I feel good.

All of that is fulfilling when we feel we are making a difference. What is often most rewarding is when we are positively connecting with others. It is not the pursuit of money – though necessary and important.

In a research project conducted over 75 years by Harvard University, one of the conclusions found was that “acquiring more money and power doesn’t correlate to greater happiness”.

That is not to say money or traditional career success don’t matter. However, they are small parts of a much larger picture. While they may loom large for us in the moment, they diminish in importance when viewed in the context of a full life.

The study found strong relationships to be far and away the most important predictor of life satisfaction. Also, in terms of career satisfaction, feeling connected to one’s work was far more important than making money or achieving traditional success.” Harvard Study Huffington Post

Coaching others is a wonderful way to be rewarded as you connect in a meaningful way. Your desire to help others while utilizing your life experiences and knowledge can be fulfilled by empowering others to have the life they really want to live.

Becoming a Professional Business Leadership Coach or Life Coach can be a way to do something rewarding while checking off the need to generate more money.

Explore becoming a Certified Professional Coach.

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Stephen Horton

CEO, The MCA Coach

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