Specialty Coaching as a Life & Creativity Coach

Imagine creating the life coaching practice you most desire while supporting your clients in bringing their creativity to the forefront. Creativity coaching as a specialty has many facets. Empowering clients to try something new, discover their inner artist or possibly rearrange their workspace to be more appealing could come up in your coaching sessions.

Bringing creativity home may mean a client has fun in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes, writing a book, drawing a portrait or painting for the first time. Learning how to express oneself through clothing, art, writing, home décor or performing in singing, dancing or acting are a few of the endless possibilities with creativity coaching.

As a life and creativity coach, coaching sessions allow clients to safely discover or rediscover the empowerment of self-expression. Clients often feel invigorated with a sense of freedom and excitement as they see their creativity grow and shine.

As creativity is expressed in one area of life, your clients will often begin to see it showing up everywhere. When challenged or stressed, being able to draw, paint or write or do something else they enjoy can relieve the tension. Feeling freedom to explore what they like through creativity may allow for more confidence, fun, relaxation and an enjoyment for life.

If creativity coaching is something you think you would enjoy, it can easily be added into your coaching sessions or be the focus of your coaching practice.

To follow an interest in life coaching with a creativity focus, please contact stacey@themcacoach.com to talk about customizing your training.

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