Are You Missing Out on Happiness? 3 Simple Ways to Begin Being Happier Today

Is happiness a missing element in your life? It so, you are not alone. Most people wonder about how happy they are once in a while if not on a daily basis.

Because happiness is such an elusive idea it can be hard to capture. Often we think because other people appear to be, do or have more in life they must also have more happiness.

As a result, we may wonder if something is wrong with us. It may seem that other people are happy so why not us? Worse yet, we might not be able to figure out what would make us happy.

So, this brings us to the question, “What does happiness mean to you?”

Is it having more money? A better relationship? A new business? Or, an ideal weight and fitness level?

If so, this might be part of the problem in seeking happiness. Often we put our hope of happiness on huge circumstances. If I had more money – not just $20 but millions…The perfect partner…ideal in every way…A new business…receiving immediate expert status in the industry….A fit and healthy body – pro-athlete specific…or whatever our happiness expectations, then we would be happy.

It’s not that these things won’t bring a level of happiness but it is only part of the happiness we crave. To live a happy life, we need more happiness on a daily basis, one drop at a time.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Begin Being Happier Today:

1.       Give Yourself a Break

You don’t need to be perfect to be happy. By putting so much stress on being more or being better you could be making yourself unhappy. Though you may have self-improvement goals, be kind and acknowledge yourself along the way to reaching them.

2.       Positively Lower Your Expectations

When you are not accomplishing your goals to the level you want, it may be time to adjust your expectations. This is not to throw in the towel, give up or settle for less. Often overly high expectations of how quickly or how competently a goal is completed can slow down success. A few ways to reach your goals more easily are; increasing the length of time for completion, checking off smaller goals, actions or tasks along the way, and acknowledging what you have already accomplished.

3.       Take Action

Sometimes the best way to feel more positive and on the way to happiness is by taking action. Taking even the smallest step can make you feel inspired, empowered and on the way to better things. For example, scheduling a coaching call can boost your confidence, get you unstuck and build momentum toward what you truly want.

Happiness doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing quest. Each of us can have smaller happiness moments throughout the day by giving ourselves a break, positively lowering expectations by slowing down, acknowledging what we have accomplished, and taking action.

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