Life Coaching is Life Style Design

Do you realize at this moment you are designing your future?

Consciously or not, your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions are creating a life filled with what you most desire throughout the day.

Deciding what to eat affects weight, ongoing health and how we feel about ourselves. Choosing to just "get through the next month" can set us up for more months of the same. By thinking "we can't afford", instead of, "what can I do to be able to reach my goals?" sets us up for not having what we truly want.

To get what you really want and to help others get what they really want, we have to make conscious decisions, uncover limiting beliefs and develop action plans that work to have our hopes, dreams and goals come true.

This is where Life Coaching comes in

The process of Life Coaching puts what each individual most desires first and foremost. Through focus on accountability, support, and renewed confidence coaching clients gain not just their goals but increased self-worth and authenticity.

Coaching sessions can positively impact and last a lifetime

With the Master Coaching Academy's Training Program, Life Coaches and Business Coaches enter an Environment of Success - their own and that of their clients.

Clear, focused training with fulfilling results

To begin your career as a Life Coach, enroll in The Master Coaching Academy's Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Training Program today. It will truly change your life!

Make Your Training Goals a Success

To become a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), we have discovered the best success comes in personalized, individual or small group training sessions.

We interview each participant to find if our training is a good fit for you so we are working towards the same results. We love to talk about your current and future goals. During the conversation, it is a good time to find what training interests you, how it fits with your current and future goals and ask any questions.

Whether or not you decide to take our training, you will have discovered how coaching and The Master Coaching Academy works and if it is a good fit.

To schedule a time to talk, please contact to book an appointment.

Customized, Private Training

Our training is primarily accomplished in personalized, individual appointments or small group sessions. Customized training for each participant ensures useful, usable content for real life coaching. To schedule training for yourself or a select group, please email


The Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program is 20 hours including 4 hours of practicum coaching. To become an effective coach, you will be practicing coaching within the first few hours of beginning your course. Training schedules are conveniently set up to accommodate your schedule and that of your Master Coach. We look forward to working with you!


To become a Certified Professional Coach, the first step is to schedule time to speak with one of our Master Coaches. Each program is customized for you by focusing on your areas of interest and expertise while incorporating the required training.

All training is scheduled between you and your Master Coach to allow for flexibility of training times and accommodate scheduling concerns.

PREREQUISITE: There is no prerequisite to becoming a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

If you already have coach training from another organization and would like to add to your training, please contact 

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